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(10/23) Caleb Folks

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Come check out Caleb Folks on the Main Stage! (Free Show!)

About the artist:

My name is Caleb Folks. I spell it “calebfolks.” for my music. I’m a 24-year-old Virginia based Indie/Pop/Rock artist. Last year my first EP came out titled "I Can't Give You The World, But I Can Give You My Heart." It’s 4 songs. If you haven't heard, go over to Spotify, Apple Music, or wherever and give the a listen! I’ve been living in Virginia, and playing shows for about 5 years. I’ve been able to open for some cool artists like Drake Bell, Tyler Carter, Donavon Frankenwreiter, SayWeCanFly, and I’ve learned a lot from those opportunities. Sometimes I play with a band, a lot of times a play solo with an acoustic guitar and maybe a uke.

Over the last year I've been putting everything I have into music. It allows me to express myself, and connect with people in a really cool way. I recently starting touring a little bit, and It’s been really great. My whole deal is I want to spread hope, and love through my music, and my life.

My nickname is Freedom Feet because I go everywhere barefoot, and it’s definitely apart of who I am. I promote being free, and being yourself!

This year I’m releasing brand new music! It’s gonna be way better than my EP. All the pieces are coming together, and I'm soooooo excited for the next chapter of calebfolks.! I try really hard to put 100% heart and soul into everything I do, and I found a sick team of people who do the exact same thing, so that’s been awesome.

I truly believe that we are all connected. I want to bring people together.We are in this life together, so we should come together, and love each other. I want to encourage and motivate people, and spread positivity. There is so much bad, but there's always hope, and love is real.

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